First Frogs

Just arrived home after my usual morning dog walk, and went for a wander around my garden.
A few months ago, I spent a back breaking day digging a wildlife pond. I have a larger pond, but it is full of goldfish. In Spring, frogs and toads laid spawn in the goldfish pond. If I had not constructed a wildlife pond, all tadpoles would likely have been eaten by the fish. So, after finishing and filling the new pond I carefully transported all of the tadpoles I could find.
This morning the results of this rescue mission appeared. Two tiny frogs perched on the pond plants basking in the sun.
A very pleasing outcome for both my garden wildlife and the resultant effects on my garden pests.

Baby Frog
Sadly I have had to cover my wildlife pond with netting due to Bunny and my three cats. The moment it was finished, my dog jumped straight into it imagining it his own private swimming pool!
My cats also came over to have a look and dip a paw or two. So, to protect the wildlife pond residents and visitors, I have had to cover it with mesh.
Tiny Baby Frog or Toad

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