Stitch and Bitch

Just found out there is a Stitch and Bitch group in Brighton. Planning to go along to a meeting soon, and hopefully will be meeting up with some fellow yarn addicts.
The colder weather has got me dreaming of wooly projects again.  I have finished a pair of socks from last year, and started a white merino blanket for my bed. Ordered some merino tops from ebay, to spin enough to finish my lovely soft crochet blanket soon I hope.

I have also decided to make serious inroads into my yarn stash. Selected and bagged up a whole collection of brown and orangy shades of handspun and commercial yarns. I have bought some russet coloured mohair from ebay, and will combine the lot into an afghan for the spare bed.

I must also finish the knitted jacket for a friend. I hate the pattern I started last winter, and will need to chose another to be able to complete it. The wool is rather coarse to, so not a project I have relished. But, I have promised to have it finished this year…might happen!


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