xbox Kinect

I love gadgets, as anyone who knows me will tell you. I kept watching the Kinect adverts and trying to convince myself that I didn’t need or want it, but…at the weekend I succumbed to it’s lure.
It is bundled with Kinect Adventures which is fun, and I bought Kinect Sport too to play with my friends. Then I want out later this week, and got Dance Central just for me.

I have to agree with all those reviewers that bitched about space issues. I was worried by the many semi-negative reviews of the controller too. But, my verdict is that this is so much fun! I used to be an avid gamer on a range of consoles, mainly of rpgs and puzzle games, but of late I just got rather bored with them. I even tried a Wii with fitness board, but that is now gathering dust due to limited continued fun factor.

Dance Central with Kinect is my new daily exercise and gaming fix, all in one. It is really excellent as a game and as a challenge for the couch potato I have become of late. I don’t really like much of the music-not really what a 65daysofstatic fan would choose to jump around too, but it is damn good fun and pretty good exercise too.

Just have to find a way to keep the dog and cats out from under my feet. I hope too that there will be some songs to download in future that are more to my taste (the Lady Sovereign one is good though.)
All in all, a good new gadget for me that has also got me to try and finish of the epic game Blue Dragon that I stopped half way through when my old 360 died from the red ring of death.

Had to buy a new 360s with the Kinect, but what else should I spend my limited money on but fun? I can always spend a few months eating beans on toast to afford it, may also help with my weight loss plan!


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