Cold, grey days and icy pavements; have led to much internet browsing in my cozy home. Have had a cold and cough that has lasted ages, leading me to flop about and make plans rather than stuff! I am always happiest when following a new creative idea, tricky for me to continue all the existing ones though. But, I have been trying to finish existing projects before really starting new ones (can always dream and get the materials though.)

Finishing a waistcoat from existing wool stash that started life as a top that I half knitted and hated. Unpicked it a week ago, and now almost finished as a comfy waistcoat.

Green WaistcoatBut I am itching to start on a colourful crochet blanket. Got very inspired after reading these two blogs attic 24 and Do you mind if I knit. Love both of these blogs, not just for the wonderful ideas, but also for the positive and happy approach to life shown by the authors. Such an inspirational read, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

They also had the effect on me of desiring to create another afghan. This time not in natural colour handspun, but in a riot of colour.  As I am not convinced that my hand dyed yarns are completely colourfast, I have decided to use commercially dyed roving. I have purchased loads of multicolour merino from Wingham Wool Work, and now look forward to many happy hours spinning and crocheting a wonderful blanket (maybe some cushions too!)

Purples, Pinks, Blues and Greens.

I will also be making and adding on my etsy shop, a few more Ziggles. I have loads of new ideas for these. I have been addictively playing Dragon Quest 9, that I got as a present recently, and some of the wonderful monsters will make interesting future Ziggles.


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