New Crochet Project

After being so inspired by the colourful blankets on Attic 24 , I have launched on not one but two new crochet projects. My first is a blanket formed of African Flower crochet hexagons. Love this design that I found after googling Afghans. Many thanks to Heidi Bear for her tutorial.

I am busy spinning on my beloved Ashford spinning wheel, colourful merino roving in blues, pinks, purples, greens and natural colours. Only six hexagons crocheted so far, but looking forward to all the wonderful colour combinations to come.


African Flowers Handspun Crochet Hexagons.


The second project in contrast, is to be a much simpler blanket in a striped pattern, made from ready-made acrylic yarn. Sometimes I like projects that can be worked on with little thought, this one should achieve this for even more relaxed crochet days.

I am awaiting delivery of the yarn, and will post pictures when this blanket is started too.


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