Fabulous February

This is a wonderful time of year, Winter being slowly chased away by ever longer days. Still cold enough to stay all cosy inside making lovely things, guilt free. But the lengthening days and greening of the garden, hinting at Spring time to come.

I have been sticking to my New Year’s Resolution, to be more creative. I have been painting, crocheting and knitting. A calender intended for photos, I have filled with twelve small and colourful acrylic paintings.

Here is February’s page

February Heart Painting For My Calendar

A cushion made and a new throw started in crochet to use up all the left over yarn from my ripple blanket. I did buy a few extra balls too, just to give even more colours. This throw is my second taken from this lovely blog .

Ripple Crochet Cushion.
New Throw About a Third Done!

Thanks to my charity shop hunting, I have made two useful purchases. Whilst looking through some Brighton charity shops with a friend visiting me from London,  I found a small wooden picture frame. I have painted three small pieces to fill this with brightness and pattern.

Three Small Paintings in a Wooden Frame.

My next charity shop find is much bigger, and much more useful. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a knole sofa. I saw one years ago in a Devon cottage, and loved the idea of a drop arm sofa with tassel ties. Always out of my price range, I made do with a cheap sofa bed from Ikea. But to my surprise last week, I saw a knole sofa with a matching chair in my local Peacehaven charity shop. I checked it out and found it both very comfy and also in very good condition. It was not cheap, but I had to buy it. It is now taking pride of place in my lounge, with no cats or dog allowed to sit on it!

New Sofa and Chair.
Knowle Sofa and Chair.

The sofa and chair need throws of their own, to protect them from my naughty cats and dog. I have started two small ones in pale colours, which when completed will be perfect to both shield the fabric and keep me warm and snuggly underneath. I am making them with stash yarns in mainly pale greens, pinks, and blues. I will have to blend and spin some extra merino fleece too, to have enough wool to finish both throws.

Pale Green, Pinks and Blues Knitted Throw Started.

I love new projects, just must make sure to finish all the existing ones too. If you look carefully in the photo of my new sofa, you will see two bags of wool and both current throw projects. My idea is to try to share my time between the crochet and the knitted throw.  I have also promised to make a crochet ripple throw for a friend-lots of lovely crafting ahead.


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