Pension Theft

The Government proposal to increase the State Pension age for women, and the time scale for its implementation has serious implications for me and many thousand other women. I feel very strongly about this, and feel action needs to be taken.

We are seen as an easy target. Who cares about something that will affect just older women? Well, that is how I feel the reality is. I worked as a teacher in inner city schools for most of my working life. I expected to retire at 60, and planned accordingly. I worked part-time whilst my children were little which reduced my teacher’s pension entitlement. I was made redundant, and have not been able to find another job.

I discovered that 60 had turned into 63 and 10 months, and worried how I would cope. But I accepted the change without complaint. Now I discover 60 will turn into 66, and I have no back up plan or enough time or means to financially prepare for this.

I have no argument with equalization of retirement ages for men and women. It is the speed of the change which will effectively steal two years pension and other benefits from me. Being my age I hate to have become both invisible and it seems a ‘burden’, just because I am getting older.

This ConDem plan is unfair and will no doubt occur as the plight of older women is not deemed important or interesting for many to campaign about. We will just become yet another forgotten minority.
Please sign these petitions if you too think this is unfair. Your vote could make a difference to thousands of women.


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