Setback and Rethink

The first weaving from my new little loom is finished. But I am not happy with it. The maker said that you could weave to the top of the loom, using both sides of warp by adjusting the tension. Well, I can’t!

The result is a distorted piece, that I am not proud of. It left me feeling quite despondent, and sad as I loved the portability of the tiny loom. 

Today I have a plan. A narrower piece, and the warp feathered top and bottom. I will try to use yarns of roughly the same size too. My single ply hand spun was too thin, and kept braking. When played, it was just too thick. 

A trip into Sudbury has maybe solved my problems. A charity shop book full of photos for inspiration…£1.50. 

Then my first ever trip to Vanners mill shop. The range, prices and lovely assistant, all made it a memorable visit. I left clutching four silk threads on cones…£12.00 in total! The plan is to loosely ply them with my single ply, making it stronger but not too bulky. 

Now I have yarns, a picture and a better warped mini loom. If all goes well, I shall post the results soon. 


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