Green Wood Carving Obsession!

After completing my first carved spoon, very slowly; I have quickly become rather obsessed. 

In the last few days, I have used up all of the small silver birch log I brought from the Assington Mill course. I now have three new spoons, and have learnt a lot in the process. 

First I carved this one, and kept the knot raised near the bowl to provide a rest. 

Next came a small chunky scoop, to use up the small end piece of log. 

Finally today, I have completed a large serving spoon. 

They could all be better in many ways. But considering that I had never carved any wood until the spoon course, I am thrilled with my efforts. 

Now I just need more logs and a great deal of practice.  It is so much fun, and a really satisfying craft. If any of you ever get the chance to take a spoon carving course, enjoy. 


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