Eco Dyeing

I went on a recent course run by Clare Kiely, on Eco dyeing.

It sounded so interesting, that I had to find out more. I had already attended two of her excellent felting courses on alpaca and nuno felting. So this held at her home, was an obvious next choice.

It involved placing garden flowers, leaves and skins on to fine silk material.

Then wrapping them up tightly around a stick and tying up with string. They were then placed in a steamer for thirty minutes.

When they were eagerly unwrapped, like mini Christmas presents; the results were quite interesting. Often pale ghostly images of the petals or leaves remained. The fern leaf I used was there in every detail. The red onion skins were very effective. Other leaves and petals mostly left some mark.

The challenge is to now find a use for this technique. The tutor, Clare Kiely, uses hers in nuno felting. I might try using small pieces in textile art embroideries. Maybe start making some textile Artist Trading Cards again, using them as a layer. Or perhaps as elements of mixed media art paintings. So many ideas, so few hours in a day!


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