More Greenwood Spoon Carving

Still very much enjoying greenwood spoon carving, just managing to pursue my other interests too. I have had a couple of failures recently. I was given some logs that were much too hard for my tools, and the ensuing spoon was not very good or at all enjoyable to make. I then hunted around the garden, and cut a piece from a greengage tree. Sadly, it turned out to have loads of woodworms!

I finally had some success with my hazel tree. I cut two small pieces and tried some different design ideas. One with a heart at the end and the othe with some bark left on to allow a heart to be carved. The second was an anniversary gift, so I experimented with the pyrography tool also.

After the previous failures, I was quite pleased with these. 

It is just so much fun cutting a piece off a tree, and then just letting it design itself under my carving tools. If anyone fancies making a greenwood spoon and feels it may be beyond them. Just have a go! There are so many websites and videos out there to help you get started. If I can do it, having never worked with wood before. Then anyone with a little patience and determination can

Do have a go, it really is great fun!


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