Spinning and Knitting

I have again done what was not a great idea. I have bought far to many raw sheep fleeces from eBay. It always seems such a good idea, till the washing and carding. 

I always promise myself that I will stick to buying ready prepared fibre, to cut down on all the work. But, unusual and fair priced fleeces just keep catching my eye on eBay. 

So far I have added to my stash, two coloured Ryeland, a Jacob, a Ramboullait and a coloured White Faced Woodland. All good fleeces, with the Ramboullait the star. 

I am planning on making some warm sweater/tunics for the fast approaching colder months. One Ryeland fleece has been washed, flick cardedand spun; and halfway knitted into a top down sweater. 

It will be warm if rather solid! But I like the colours. 

I have also spun up some of the Jacob and Ramboullait. The Jacob will also be a sweater/ tunic. The other being so fine, I need to think a little more about. 


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