Weekend Wanders

The last couple of weekends, we ran away from constant work on our cottage, and went out and about. 

At the start of September we got thoroughly drenched at the Hainault One Love Festival. 

We expected it to be a large festival, filled with a range of musical and other delights. I don’t think it was just the rain that dampened our expectations, it just was less than we had hoped. Not one next year for us. 

On the Sunday we decided to drive to Bury St Edmunds instead of going for a second day. I had not been there before, and it proved a lovely day out. I particularly liked the Abbey Gardens. Only remembered to take photos of some door corbels, so Andrew can carve something similar on our fireplace surround that he is creating. 

Last Sunday we decided to drive to Cambridge, which neither of us had visited for years. I enjoyed the university gardens, but found the town centre area just too crowded with other tourists! It was still a fun outing. 

I certainly will like to go back to both towns for a visit, great places to go that are not too far from our home. 


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