A Few Tears and lots of £££££s

The extension saga continues. Just as all seemed to be going so well, a few setbacks occurred.

 First, the digger driver dropped a huge block of concrete on our armour plated cable, and affected the power supply. 

Then, on excavating the start of the footings, we discovered that we have a water supply shared with the other six cottages. The end was found but not the start. The pipe is leaking and rusty, and the builder was not sure how to proceed. 

After a pretty sleepless night and a few tears, the morning dawned with a partial if expensive solution. A temporary connection will be made if possible, so we still have water. But have had to apply to the water company to install a single supply to the boundary, with the builder laying a pipe to it in a trench. This will be much better in the long run, I am told. But, it will take weeks or months and be very expensive. 

At least with a temporary supply, the build can continue, which I thought was in doubt. 

Never will I have another piece of major building work undertaken like this. Just too stressful and expensive. 


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