Why Pay For An Architect?

After long delays on the architects part, he finally produced the construction plan and commissioned structural engineers to provide calculations for the steel beams. 

Great I thought, all the time and money spent would mean that the extension would be safe and long lasting. Wrong! The architect failed to consider that a Victorian house has very shallow foundations, and made no provision for this with the described footings. 

He also failed to give the structural engineers full information about the wall abutting the extension, so their drawings were useless… But have cost me £216.  The builder spotted both errors and has had to deal with both men to await a fresh solution. The structural engineer also stated that the beam the architect specified in the construction drawing was not strong enough for the roof load!

I wrongly assumed that employing a professional architect to act also as my agent, would ensure a professional job. I now await his next communication with interest, as I am minded to complain to riba, his professional body about his shortcomings. 

So, more delays ahead, whilst new solutions for the beams, steels and footings are proposed and put to building control. The architect better be planning to cover the costs of these, due to his negligence. 

Apart from all of this, the builders have today dug a long trench and laid a new water supply pipe, ready for Anglian water to connect. 


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