Spinning Again!

Now the building works are finished, I can spend some time on my favourite pursuits. 

I have been playing with my new toy, an Ashford e spinner. I had always wanted one, but never felt I could justify a new wheel. A continuing pain in my left knee, after too vigorously spreading stones on the driveway; has given me all the excuse I needed. 

I am very happy with it. I can spin very fast on it, and can now add even more to my wool stash!

Currently I am spinning some lovely Wensleydale Ryeland X. It is one of the best fleece purchases I have made on eBay. 

I plan to knit it into a festival light but warm shawl. I will probably use this Pattern. I have made small scarf sized versions of this in kid mohair, and they have become my favourite scarves. 

I have also been spinning for tapestry weaving. Lots of lovely creams and browns. They will be transformed into woven wall hangings. The ones I can bear to part with, will be used to relaunch my etsy shop-Starziggles. 

I will post with the results of both of thes projects, once completed. 


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